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Date: 06-11-2013

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Product ID

Mfg Part



1 SIMPLE2277 Multiple Electronic Component Component
2 SIMPLE2277F Multiple Electronic Component Component
3 SIMPLE2277FF Multiple Electronic Component Component
4 SIMPLE2277FFFO Multiple Electronic Component Component
5 SIMPLE2277FFIC Multiple Electronic Component Component
6 SIMPLE2277FFOR Multiple Electronic Component Component
7 SIMPLE2277FFSU Multiple Electronic Component Component
8 SIMPLE2277FI Multiple Electronic Component Component
9 SIMPLE2277FIC Multiple Electronic Component Component
10 SIMPLE2277FIFO Multiple Electronic Component Component
11 SIMPLE2277FO Multiple Electronic Component Component
12 SIMPLE2277FOFO Multiple Electronic Component Component
13 SIMPLE2277FOIC Multiple Electronic Component Component
14 SIMPLE2277FONL Multiple Electronic Component Component
15 SIMPLE2277FOR_ Multiple Electronic Component Component

Many times Multiple Manufacturers will make the same part.
We stock under multiple manufacturers.
Common Manufacturers of this device: , MOTOROLA , NEC

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